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    Top Ways to Incorporate and Inspire Your Passions Through Your Home Decor

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    By surrounding your home and daily life with reminders of your favorite things can also add meaning to your favorite spaces.

    Your home is a reflection of who you are, and you entirely are more than a paint color or a piece of furniture. With this in mind, why not incorporate your passions and hobbies by celebrating them through your decor? Along with your talents, skills, and hobbies are displayed in your home through your decor, you can be more intrigued through inspiration, and even feel more at home.

    This does not require that you completely re-make your life and home in order to incorporate those interest into the decor. In most cases, even a slight change of your storage or placement can make a difference to your home and the feeling of being there. This could save you money because you are using and reinventing some of the items that you already own.

    Your interests make you happy, so you should shine light on them and bring them out!

    Tools in Reaching Distance

    Along with great tools can come lifelong hobbies. Keep your paint brushes and your yarn close and display them pridefully!

    Allow the tools you use frequently to be in accessible places! if Make sure to put tools you use frequently in accessible places where you can grab them. There is no worse feeling than having the inspiration but having to fight with pulling things off the wall, or battling with other items and you push to the back of a cabinet. One good rule to follow is keeping anything you use weekly within a good reaching distance!

    Year-Round Displays

    Even if the slopes are only ready seasonally, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about that hobby of yours altogether! A trick is to have your ski gear on display throughout the year, and it will also keep the passion alive, but out of the way too!

    An option is to mount skis or fishing poles over a door throughout the off season. If you have open space above kitchen cabinets, that could be a great option to display your fondue set that you use around the holiday season. Ceiling-mounting your canoe paddle is an additional option to display your hobby! The bright side of seasonal equipment is that it can be put to use outside, so there is no pressure to store it inside!

    Year Round Displays - DeBonis Team - Riverside, CA Realtors

    Talents at Work

    Allow for your passions to flow within your daily life. If you are passionate about calligraphy, look into writing meal plans for the week stylishly!

    Woodworkers have the ability to form anything, starting at cutting boards and moving towards furniture. If you enjoy embroidering, look into designing and embellishing your own cushion covers or hand towels.  

    For any hobby involving arts and crafts, there can be an application to your daily life or decor!

    Attract Mass-Appeal with Conversation Starting Objects

    If you share a common interest with another individual, then the conversation just flows. This is why it is a great idea to include some pop-culture additions within your living space. This incorporation could include the framing of vinyl albums can give your guests an easy way to learn more about you, what you are interested in and the conversations can start to flow.

    Not everyone will be able to engage with you about your nineteenth-century Japanese chisel, but on the other hand, a lot of people will be able to engage with you on the discussion of “Hamilton,” after they see your framed playbook!

    These objects can build connections within your entertainment room, your office, or even your living room!

    Storytelling with Items

    If you are a collector, then you know that every piece you collect can tell their own story. Entirely, the items within your collection can tell a narrative of their own specific history and then your story of how you found that piece.


    Place your collections in a place where you can honor their story and also allow for all the stories to come together. Shelves that can display the pieces, and cabinets, can hold 3D objects, such as glassware, figurines, and curios! The addition of albums are great for stamps, old photos, and also ephemera.

    Story telling with items - DeBonis Team

    Action Brought to Life with Active Gear

    If you are in need of some motivation when it comes to practicing and perfecting your passions, allow your home decor to inspire that actions. A good tip is to match an inspiring action into a room where you are most likely to need the lift!


    If you are feeling unlike yourself and are missing your gourmet habits, try displaying your antique bakeware in your kitchen. To ease your writer’s block, frame your diploma, and display your favorite books throughout the top of your desk! Another idea is to hang your athletic achievement medals and photos near where you enter a room in order to inspire yourself to go on a run!

    The Vibes that Go with the Room

    In general, work to maintain the purpose of the room when you are making decisions on where to place your prized possessions. You do not have to simply follow the open wall space, you can take the time to discover the perfect fit!

    You may have a shelf of antique clown toys that may not fit in your bedroom, but can work just right in your office or your playroom!  Your old soccer cleats, or signed sport memorabilia can serve as inspiration in your workout room but wouldn’t quite fit in the dining or living room.

    Search for the perfect places for all your collectibles, and favorite items, that spark and fuel your inspirations!  

    Setting the Mood with Special Treasures

    Some of your favorite items are only for you, and they can serve as the spark to remembering your special memories whenever you see them. If any of these special items bring you comfort, place them in accordance to how it makes you feel. If you have a beach shell that brings you serenity, keep it near your bedside.

    If you have your grandfather’s old pipe that reminds you of how he was the one who taught you to read, place it on the display on your bookshelf or the desk in your office.

    These are only some ways that can bring passions into your home decor. Hopefully these tips and tricks can inspire the incorporation of your own favorite possessions into your decor, so those passions of yours can stay alive.


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